an original series
epsiode 3
to Zoo Knoxville’s, The Wild Life.
Watch our new original series, “The Wild Life,” where we go behind the scenes to shine a light on the animals we love and the people who care for them. Come with our host, Brad Carpenter, as he takes us on a journey to the wild side of life at Zoo Knoxville.

Time for episode three! We broke out of our shell to explore the world of tortoises, specifically bog turtles, radiated tortoises, and Aldabra giant tortoises. Come along and meet Michael Ogle, Curator for the Department of Herpetology, along with one of our favorite reptiles of all time, Big Al.
Countdown with us to the live premier of Episode 4.

Wildly Fun,
Safely Fun
We’re excited to have you back at Zoo Knoxville and are working hard to keep you safe.We’ve added lots of new measures to provide low-risk visits with the animals and in the Wee Play Adventure area, where Tiana lives.

We have 53 acres for physical distancing, and more than 30 hand sanitizing stations for your convenience. With our online ticketing options, extra cleaning and sanitizing, traffic markers and other protocols, we hope you’re ready to come safely back to the zoo. Remember: masks are required in indoor areas.
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Episode 4
A new show that goes behind the scenes of our conservation mission to meet the animals we love and the people who care for them.